ACT Government Memorandum of Understanding

The CRJO and the ACT Government acknowledge the important relationship between the Australian Capital Territory and the surrounding NSW South East and Tablelands Region. The proximity of the region to Canberra and the shared vision of growth and prosperity for the region requires close cooperation and collaboration between the parties to ensure strong mutual benefit for our communities.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) provides a framework for the cooperation and collaboration between the CRJO and the ACT Government.The ACT Government is a current associate member of the CRJO.

The CRJO is a regional leader, advocating for all parts of the Canberra Region to create vibrant communities and be the voice of a strong and cohesive region which recognises and celebrates unique sub regions.

The ACT Government’s associate membership of the CRJO will contribute to the pursuit of CRJO’s objectives, including:

  • Facilitating opportunities and partnerships to create vibrant communities;
  • Providing a forum for regional cooperation and resource sharing; and
  • Cultivating investment and infrastructure development opportunities.

Where appropriate, the ACT Government will support the CRJO in its core functions as detailed in the CRJO Charter, including:

  • Strategic planning and priority setting;
  • Intergovernmental collaboration; and
  • Regional leadership and advocacy.

CRJO & ACT Government MOU (Including Priorities)(PDF, 332KB)