Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Program


The CRJO facilitates the Regional Resource Recovery and Waste Working Group consisting of Waste Managers of our member councils. We are working together and coordinating a shared strategic direction towards a more circular economy, reducing waste generation, increasing recycling rates, increasing waste diversion from landfill and protecting the environment.  We identified and prioritised joint regional actions in our Regional Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2022-27. CRJO delivers a range of projects and programs to progress these priorities, including:

  • Knowledge sharing and capacity building within and between Councils, State Government and other key stakeholders
  • Delivering regional waste and resource recovery related projects
  • Advocating with and on behalf of Councils to improve local and regional waste outcomes
  • Researching new technologies, services and management activities to support Councils

Examples of our region-wide outcome focused projects being delivered include:

  • Bin Trim Network Project [include video]

  • CRJO Bin Trim Networks Program 2024-2026

  • Cross-Border Illegal Dumping Project
  • Regional Circular Economy analyses and business case development
  • Food Donation project
  • Disaster Waste Management project
  • Programs to promote Community Recycling Centres and FOGO Services
  • School Waste Education project/Garage Sale Trail/Green Caffeen
  • Coordination of Regional Household Chemical Cleanout events

Acknowledgement of support:

This program is funded and supported by the NSW EPA through the Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041.